October 04, 2011

Trespassers Beware

So, for the first time in six years I pulled the blog down. And then I wondered, have I crossed the line?

I have said this before, I write for me. No one else. There is a sense of ritual for me in the words. My coming back here this September is an attempt to reclaim my voice and to quit hiding this insane adventure that I am on. It is part of who I am. And to pretend it does not exist is like trying to deny my true nature.

I am this. Imperfect. Honest. Sexual. Vulnerable.

I had email about the blog that pretty much stated that I was "dark" and maybe needed to rethink if liked our lifestyle. And this is the best part, that only women would read my blog. (Sorry Dale.) He was treating it like porn, skulking through the photos looking for the naked bits. I think that what freaked him out was my honesty. I think my voice is not just my own, but somehow yours too. Why else come back and read it after all these years?

And with that understanding, that I really don't care what one man has to say... I am flicking the switch back off. And here you go.


My secret garden. Careful with your muddy shoes.



Dale said...

:-) I've never felt all that at home in my biological gender, so maybe he's right. Though I can't see why being read "only" by women should be particularly discouraging, even if it were true.

It's funny, "dark" is not a word I'd apply to your writing at all. I suspect it's his own dark that your writing reaches to, and that spooks him.

Rare Blue said...

I think you are right, Dale.

And by the way, what word would you apply?